Wildfire in California


California has seen it’s most catastrophic wildfire ever with Camp Fire, in Paradise, CA. Today Sacramento officially reached a hazardous air quality rating, where from the window of my home there is a haze of despair that hangs heavy with emotion and anxiety.

Last night I could barely sleep, after watching videos of people praying to God for their life trying to drive out of the most deadly wildfire California has ever seen. My heart broke to pieces while I thanked God for being able to do so from the comfort of my home, which is still standing.

Not sure about others in cities with unhealthy or hazardous air quality but my throat and neck are tight, I’ve been feeling nauseous and I’m frequently stressed about air quality, so here’s 10 things I’m doing to work through this.

  1. Diffusing essential oils non-stop, particularly eucalyptus, peppermint and some blends that are good for breathing.

  2. Applying essential oils on my chest and feet, using a USB diffuser in the car.

  3. Drinking PLENTY of water to flush out toxins.

  4. Taking vitamin c to help build up antioxidants and reduce stress.

  5. Steaming out in the shower and may be going to the sauna at the gym to sweat out toxins (bringing my eucalyptus oil).

  6. Staying TF inside my house.

  7. Just ordered an air purifier @molekuleair and will be paying $60/month, because I believe in quality over quantity and sacrificing luxury for health.

  8. Praying for rain and hoping that our Native American ancestors can help bring it down. 🌧

  9. Also purchased a N95 breathing mask on Amazon for $15 (10 pack). 😷

  10. Bought an art piece from @timcollom who is donating 100% of proceeds to firefighters and victims of the Paradise fire. They’ve already raised $100k!

Let us remember to pause and be grateful for that which we have and gently activate to ensure that we do the things needed to keep us healthy and balanced.

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