A Few New Things


Maybe it’s just the season of change in the air,
but there’s some things I’ve been doing differently in my daily routine that has me feeling lighter and brighter.

After checking out Elemental Alchemy’s beautiful feed, I was reminded of how great I felt when I was practicing some Ayurvedic routines. It’s always interesting how one small reminder can make such a big impact in your life.

Here’s a few new (and old things I’m finally coming back to) that have me feeling really good lately.

  1. Taking a break from alcohol — for the first time in many years.

  2. Tongue scraping to help keep toxins from reabsorbing into my body.

  3. Oil pulling to naturally disinfect my gums and help with removal of toxins.

  4. Reading — putting together an AY recommended reading list for 2019 (please comment with suggestions!)

  5. Taking better care of my curly hair, which equates to more self-care.

So I guess I’m detoxing. It’s always interesting to me to feel guided to do certain things and not really have a focused intention it — only to realize later I was in alignment with exactly what I needed.

This is a great time to pause and slow down with the season. Assessing what areas need change, what is ready to be released (including habits, people, clothing) and what is time to integrate (new routines, exercise, detoxing).

What’s changes are you being drawn to or are intentional about in this season?

PauseAngie FranklinComment