5 things about me

I was born in Madrid, Spain to a military family (Air Force). Yes, I speak fluent Spanish and pronounce my c’s like z’s :)

I LOOOVEEEEE reggae music.

I have been inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.

I love being alone, especially in nature!

When I smile hard, my eyes like to close lol. (see above!)



about our founder

Namaste ya’ll! I’m not much for bio’s in the third person, so here we go. My name is Angie and I am the founder of Afro Yoga in Sacramento, a wellness movement for women of color rooted in community and collaboration. I got 200HR certified two and a half years ago as a Power Vinyasa instructor but quickly realized that’s not what my community needed. So I now teach yin yoga, occasional vinyasa and can’t wait to get certified in Kemetic Yoga by 2020.

I really love sharing the true meaning of yoga (union) and teaching people how to take the principles from the physical practice into their lives off the mat. Afro Yoga's ethos is defined by four pillars that helps us navigate through the waves of energy we all experience — Pausing, Listening, Activating and Empowering. Through these principles, Afro Yoga experiences guide conversation and lifestyle practices that seek harmony and balance in these powerful spaces.

Since Afro Yoga started in September 2016, it has been a trailblazing movement that has touched many women in Sacramento and beyond. In 2019, I look forward to Afro Yoga expanding throughout the West Coast of California, with the help of an amazing team of 5 women, LaLa Robinson, Steenah Jefferson, Tonisha Barnes, Nicole Carter and Shanilia Williams. These women support and co-create Afro Yoga in it's content creation and art direction, event coordination, expansion and outreach, as well as the coming merchandise launch Summer 2019. We look forward to bringing you amazing experiences locally and globally in the coming years.