PAUSE is a conscious decision to slow down, trusting we can gain much by doing less.

What happens when we unapologetically pause and gives space and time to connect with ourselves, is that we gain access to a divine connection. By deliberately hitting the pause button on life and slowing down, we can devote time to self-care practices and return to the world revitalized.


LISTEN gives the opportunity for us to receive and absorb wisdom.

To truly absorb that which we are consuming. Whether that’s listening to the inner wisdom in meditation, lending an ear to someone who needs to be heard, or allowing inspiration to flow from the words of a podcast or song. When we listen rather than hear, we give permission and make space for others to nurture us.


ACTIVATE is the creative energy we use to plants the seeds of focused manifestation.

When we active space, mind, body or spirit we are in the creative energy of motion. Moving towards something that is also moving towards us — once we have clarity on what we wish to see happen, activating comes with ease and gratitude arrives as we openly receive what the Universe has for us.

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Empower doesn’t imply we aren’t powerful, it’s means we recognize greater impact as a collective.

Connection and collaboration lead our work at Afro Yoga. We know that together we have greater impact on our community as we connect with those who share our vision. When we gather, we bring a flourishing fountain of love, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and experiences that serve as resources to lift each other up.